A Traditional "Cat" Song of Christmas

Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas--Kittimas--Catmas!!

Tradition in my house. Song:
"We Fish you a Merry Christmas, We Fish you a Merry Christmas, We Fish you a Merry Christmas, and a Trout for New Years."
The rest has been forgotten but we sing this song of Cat Christmas to you and yours from our cat home. "') Cat and Jazz

Hope you all are having or have had a wonderful holiday. :)

Like the idea of a private journal.

Since facebook is too public with all the people I know, I thought I might start
using livejournal for my more private thoughts.
But I would like to hear from others regarding their experiences with lj.
Do you like it here? Any problems?
Privacy issues?
Right now I am noticing that typing on lj is difficult.
No real issue anywhere else with this new computer.
Would love feeback.

LJ Deletions?

Guess I better post something.
I read about LJ deleting journals with 2 or less than two postings?
Anyone know anything more about this?
Sorry this is kind of a boring journal entry but I am very tired
and have to be up early for work.
I like LJ. Am here. Don't want to go anywhere else. At the Moment.
So hope this qualifies me to stay.
cat and jazz
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